Sunday, August 9, 2009


This is our final club for the year 2009 and it's truly a special one! In each shipment you will receive 1 skein of hand dyed sock yarn (2 for big footers!) hand dyed in Mayberry, inspired by Mayberry, and various memorabilia from Mayberry (Mount Airy North Carolina) as well as a sock pattern to go with your yarn. This club runs for 6 months starting on October 1st. You will be billed each month and the payment includes shipping in the US and Canada. Due to the unique memorabilia being limited spaces are extremly limited so don't miss out. Sign ups open until Aug 31st or slots are filled (likely the later)
Pricing is $35 per month including shipping or $50 for 2 skeins. Enjoy!


Big Foot Option

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iwouldratherbeknitting said...

I made my (now x) boyfriend take me to Mt. Airy one summer. I loved it!!

I was determined to find the 'diner' so we could have lunch. My x-boyfriend was ready to give up- (can you believe that he had NEVER watched the show?) and just eat anywhere.. and I told him "No, that was the whole point to get a pork chop sandwich."

We finally found the diner and were the last people allowed in for lunch and foolish people that we were-- we ordered one pork chop sandwich to split between us. We both loved it and had agreed that we wished that we had ordered a sandwich each.

I enjoyed my visit to the town of Mt. Airy very much.