Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Could it really be?

September 1st!? wow, time flies when you're knitting (or dyeing in my case) away! :-)
In honor of the quickly approaching fall season (it sure does feel like it today!) I thought I would do a giveaway to get ready for Socktober 2009!!!
Here's how it works. Link to our web site (www.knitfitknitting.com) on your blog, twitter or website and tell us about it in the comments section here or e-mail us at knitfit@knitfitkits.com.
I will draw on the 26th to send out the package the following Monday just in time for the start of Socktober!
The winner shall receive our 2009 Ltd Ed Socktober colorway, a pattern, stitch marker, and set of HiyaHiya needles.


Renee said...

I blogged on my twitter: twitter.com/naeby

Ann O said...

Sent out a Tweet.

Erin said...

Tweeted at twitter.com/Huffleduck. Whee!

skaro964 said...

I twitter at twitter.com/skaro964

Sandi said...

I just blogged about it at http://www.twiggiknits.blogspot.com

Thank you!!!

RC said...

I just:
1. ordered a cat in the hat kit
2. tweeted your blog! (rabiesonmyshoe)

perfect balm for a yucky day