Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Heads up!

Baby Bums Round 2 Sign-ups open up tomorrow night! 25 slots open. Colors WILL be diffirent from round 1!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Club Memberships OPEN!

What better to spend your tax refund than yarn?! New 3 month club spots open! Sign-ups open until Sunday at midnight or they fill up, whichever comes first! There are a couple of options this time, Footapy Club for 3 exclusive colorways in Footapy and Footsie, 3 exclusives in Footsie. Memberships are $26.95 including shipping in the US for Footsie and $29.95 for Footapy. $5 more Canadian...
Shipments start out the 2nd week in May.

US Footapy: $29.95

US Footsie: $26.95

Canada Footapy: $34.95

Canada Footsie: $31.95

A new reason to buy yarn...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Time flies...

Well it has been well over a month since the last blog. In the amount of time a lot has happened! B turned 2, P was born (well that was only 2 weeks ago) and the Baby Bums Soakers and Longies Club is well under way! :-)
The last month of the 3 month sock club is shipping out this week, which means it is time to open up a new one for May shipments just as promised. I am opening them up this evening and leaving them open until Sunday at Midnight or 50 subscribers whichever comes first. I have chosen to reduce the work load with the new baby and all the fiber shows coming up so it will be first come first serve!
Also due to the demand I am going to open up a new round of Baby Bums in the next few weeks to start in June. Same as the first round but I will only take 25 this time to keep the dye load manageable.
I just updated the website to add more colorways to the Supreme (the soakers and longies yarn) but all club colorways are exclusive to the club.
There are a couple of wholesale orders I am also working on. Remember, if you recommend us to your LYS remember to tell us when they order so you can get your $50 worth of free yarn!
Check back later tonight for club sign-ups!