Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And suprise! It's ready!!!

I've been working on this project for awhile now and we are FINALLY ready to get it rolling!
Dr. Seuss wrote my absolute favorite children books and now that I have my own kids they are even more enjoyable.
What better to go along with good stories than good yarn, project bags, patterns and notions!?
Introducing for 2009/2010 Limited Edition Dr Seuss Sock Kits!!!
Each kit is $60.oo including shipping in the US and Canada and includes, 1 skein of limited edition sock yarn, a limited edition pattern, a project bag and other notions in theme. This is being worked with Slipped Stitch Studios on Etsy. We are so excited about this exciting adventure.
You may fill out the form HERE. Purchase the ones you want, leave the ones you don't. Either way it'll be a blast. Please do not wait to sign up for other kits, they are limited and a don't want you to be left out!!!
Here is the schedule:
-Sign ups open until 9/12
Cat in the Socks (Cat in the Hat themed kit) Payments due by the 19th and kits ship 10/1.
-Sign ups open until 10/2
Stitch One and Stitch Too (Thing One and Thing Two themed kit) Payments due by the 15th, shipping 11/2.
-Sign ups open until 11/6
How the Grinch Stole My Yarn (How the Grinch Stole Christmas kits) Payments due by the 14th shipping 12/4.
-Sign ups open until 12/4
Horton Hears Who Knit? (Horton Hears a Who themed kit) Payments due by the the 11th, shipping 1/4.
-Sign ups open until 1/8
1 Stitch, 2 Stitch, Knit Stitch, Purl Stitch (1 Fish, 2 Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish themed kits) Payments due by the 9th shipping 2/5.
-Sign ups open until 2/5
Green Eggs and Yarn (Green Eggs and Ham themed kits) Payments due by the 13th, shipping on 3/5.

Order HERE

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Now that everyone has theirs...

I can post this!
This is the sampling of the first installment of the Twilight Sock Club! I have to say, I love it! Feedback has been great and I hope everyone loves it!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


This is our final club for the year 2009 and it's truly a special one! In each shipment you will receive 1 skein of hand dyed sock yarn (2 for big footers!) hand dyed in Mayberry, inspired by Mayberry, and various memorabilia from Mayberry (Mount Airy North Carolina) as well as a sock pattern to go with your yarn. This club runs for 6 months starting on October 1st. You will be billed each month and the payment includes shipping in the US and Canada. Due to the unique memorabilia being limited spaces are extremly limited so don't miss out. Sign ups open until Aug 31st or slots are filled (likely the later)
Pricing is $35 per month including shipping or $50 for 2 skeins. Enjoy!


Big Foot Option

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Opps! Need to blog!

Wow, what a week it's been! I've been working day and night to get all club shipments out this week. Bundled Babies, Baby Bums, Sock and Fiber Club AND the Twilight Club! So far there has been great response from it!
I added this months pattern to Ravelry for those of you that are starting right away. I've had a lot of people ask about doing Twilight II since the Twilight Club filled up. I'm thinking on it, I promise.
I finally got my new Fricke Skein winder in. The lack of a winder had dramatically slowed down my production but we are back up and running! I've gotten tons of yarn dyed and skeined the past couple of days, you just wouldn't believe the difference.
Aside from yarn work I have been doing some knitting! I cast on for the Summer of Love Lace socks on Monday and I should say that I am doing them both at the same time and am on the heel! This has been a wonderful pattern. I'm knitting it in Footapy in Peace. Check out my Ravelry page to see photos. Speaking of Ravelry, have you joined our group? If not it's called the KnitFit Yarn Fans. Come on, we'd love to have you!
I'm involved in a new project as well in case you haven't heard. Leslie (from Greenberry House) and I have started a podcast called Knitting in the Round.
So far I'm having a lot of fun with it! There is a lot to learn and improve upon, but I'm looking forward to it. Episode 2 is coming up on Monday!
Check back tomorrow and I'll post photos of the Twilight colorway. I'm really digging it!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Baby Bums! Round 3!

Ok, ok. We've gotten a lot of request for round 3 so here we go! The last of Round 1 leaves this week and round 2 is well underway.
So here it is, Baby Bums a Soaker and Longies yarn club!
Here is how it works!
*note, when you sign up you are committing to 6 months! You will be billed monthly!
Infant Club- Girl and GN/Boy. 3.8 oz of untreated wool and 1.5 oz. of trim. Wool works with most longie and soaker patterns. $30.00 per month including shipping.
Toddler Club-Girl and GN/Boy. 2 3.8 oz skeins of untreated wool and 2 oz of trim. $45.00 per month.
These are Ltd Ed SURPRISE colorways!
Sign ups open until the 15th (OR until filled, slots are limited) and shipment begins the first week in September!